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Innovations in Siemens NX in December 2023

With NX 2312, you will encounter new capabilities as well as updated enhancements. Here are some of the major new enhancements in the latest release of NX CAM, AM and Design.

Quick Roughing-Operation

The new Quick Roughing operation in NX CAM software offers a swift and easy-to-program offset roughing process with a user-friendly interface and streamlines the creation of roughing operations with minimal input, saving valuable programming time. It is ideal for programming simpler components, such as prismatic parts and less complex molds, cavities, and cores, dies, castings, and forgings with contoured shapes using planar cut levels. 

Face Milling

The new Face Milling operation provides modern programming techniques to interactively adjust toolpath parameters, improving your programming efficiency. Face Milling operations have been significantly improved. The new Face Milling operation, featuring zig and zig-zag patterns now makes it easier for users to program face milling toolpaths. The interactive on-screen UI allows users to effortlessly specify path parameters like Cut Angle, Run Off, First Pass Overhang, Blank Thickness, Start Point, and Floor Stock, providing them with automatic toolpath previews and ensuring faster toolpath generation.

Finishing walls with barrel tools

Now, you can use the Wall Finish Barrel Swarf operation to finish deep planar or contoured wall areas. This new ability to use barrel tools produces a smoother surface finish with shorter tool paths. The operation uses a five-axis tool motion and supports the following tool types:

  • Tangent barrel 
  • Taper barrel 
  • Barrel 


The user-friendly and enhanced Holemaking features now make it easy to manage control points during drilling and pilot drilling, especially when working with depths less than the In-Process Workpiece (IPW) stock. The new control point option called “Use initial” ensures the tool consistently positions itself above the Initial Programmed Workpiece (IPW) for each operation, preventing sudden movements into the previously drilled hole.

Cloud Connect Tool Manager

With the upgraded Cloud Connect Tool Manager, you can effortlessly generate entire tool assemblies using the dynamic assembly tool preview. With the inclusion of tool holders in the latest release, you can seamlessly create tool assemblies with tool holders and cutting tools. The module supports several search functions for added convenience. What happens to the existing assembly tools saved in the previous version of the library ? They can be quickly and automatically converted with just a single click.

Mill-Turn Workpiece

The latest Mill-Turn Workpiece feature offers a more intuitive and faster creation of advanced mill- turn CAM setups. This enhancement, available for use only when a machine tool is loaded, has reduced the need for additional setup efforts. It achieves this by combining the definitions of Milling and Turning Workpieces into a single geometry object, streamlining the programming process, and simplifying the geometry tree for more user-friendly mill-turn setups.

Feedback Function

Your software feedback is extremely valuable to Siemens, to improve the overall CAM experience by turning your feedback into new features and improvements. Now within NX CAM, you can provide feedback anonymously using a simple survey submission process without difficulty. Share detailed insights, ensuring your input is delivered directly to the NX CAM Product Owner for a thorough review.

For more details, especially on what's new in part manufacturing data management, click here:

What's New in NX for Manufacturing


he latest Morph Across operation is supported for back-and-forth and short zig-zag motions, particularly favored for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) and ring-shaped parts compared to circular racetrack motions. This operation automatically detects a drive curve, produces output across that curve, and allows for splits to maintain the specified minimum & maximum stepover range.

In-Process Workpiece display

The In-Process Workpiece display  per level functionality enhances the user experience in programming multi-axis additive parts. Verify a complete build or identify potential voids by visualizing their additive buildup on each level.

Fixed-Axis Additive Manufacturing

Fixed-Axis Additive Manufacturing is a tailored solution designed explicitly for fixed-axis operations and smaller NC files. Notably, it now boasts a more accessible price point while retaining essential additive manufacturing capabilities. The solution offers a simplified interface, reducing tool axis options, to further streamline the programming process. Additionally, the generated NC files are shorter.

Aggregate existing data into new builds

It is now easier to add a build tray containing a single part to another build tray. By employing part occurrences as associative references, data seamlessly transfers from the production build tray to the part data in the development build tray. This eliminates the need for duplicating initial build preparation data in the production build tray, resulting in a substantial 95% performance improvement. Additionally, any modifications made in the development tray are automatically propagated to the production build tray through the Synchronize command.

Reposition Part and In-Line Angled Supports

Other enhancements for fixed axis additive include in-line angled supports, repositioning parts using bounding box that contribute to a streamlined process, reducing the time needed for positioning and orienting parts.

Sketch Slot

Use the Slot command to create a slot around a linear centerline.

Sketch Silhouette Curve

Use the Silhouette Curve command to associatively project the shadow outline of a non-prismatic body or set of faces onto the sketch plane. Silhouette Curve is useful for dimensioning or relating sketch entities to cylinder edges or other tangent objects that exist outside of your sketch.

Grouping edges and bodies

You can now group edges and bodies to be used for selection. When various commands require edge (Select Edge) or body (Select Body) input, you can now select specified groups of edges and bodies to satisfy those input requirements.

Curve on Surface 

The Curve on Surface command can now create geodesic lines on support faces with associativity to faces, edges, and other 3D geometry. The Curve on Surface command now supports a Line type that can be created on surface faces, in addition to the existing Spline type. It connects two specified points on a body, either as projection or as geodesic with minimum arc length.

Thread enhancements

The Thread command now includes expressions for Thread Standard, Thread Size, and Radial Engage. You can use these expressions when you create part families. You can also view and edit these expressions in the Part Navigator Details panel.

A complete overview of all innovations in NX 2312 is available here:



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