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New in June 2023

With Siemens NX 2306, you will encounter new capabilities as well as updated enhancements. Here are some of the major new enhancements in the latest release of NX CAM, AM and Design.

Cloud Connect Tool Manager

The Cloud Connect Tool Manager is a graphic-based interface that makes it easy for you to manage tools and components for efficient tool data maintenance in NX CAM software. Users can also import tools from vendor databases using web technology. The easy-to-use interface and graphical design simplifies the programming workflow for defining and editing tools, requiring fewer clicks than before. Users can swiftly find the exact tools they need, saving valuable time and effort with dynamic tool preview and dimensions.

Position Part & Fixtures

The new enhancements to the Position Part & Fixtures in Machine Context allow users to quickly and accurately position CAM setup on the machine with improved usability and visibility. For example, users have dynamic handle positioning with a bounding box or cylinder and can position part and associated fixture assemblies. Move setups dynamically instead of the machine and gain better visibility of setup in the machine tool. 

Automatic Turning Tool Holder Collision Shape Creation

The new feature for Automatic Turning Tool Holder Collision Shape Creation provides increased process safety for holder collision checks. Users no longer need to manually specify collision shape and layer settings during the tool creation process, eliminating possible programming errors. The 2D holder shape geometry for turning tool holder is now created automatically during tool path verification.  

Dovetail Mill Tool 

The Dovetail Mill Tool enhancement simplifies tool creation using industry naming terminology, allowing you to easily specify basic Dovetail tool parameters. Dovetail Tools supports the following operation types including Planar Mill, ZLevel Undercut, Solid Profile and 3 Axis Deburring. 

Simplified Shank Creation 

The Simplified Shank Creation is now available to easily define shank data while achieving more accurate representation of shanks. Reduce the risk of redundancies by organizing data in a multi-shank library so shank management is simplified. Define multiple step shanks by extracting shank data from 3D parts in the same way that holders are currently defined, making complex multiple step shank definitions much easier. 

Distance Measure with Pick on Path

The Distance Measure with Pick on Path provides a quick way of verifying tool path related measurements. When the tool path is displayed, users can easily measure the distance between two points on a toolpath or between a point on the toolpath and a geometric object. It also facilitates the easy validation of measurements between a point on the toolpath and the cutting tool, as well as between the cutting tool and a geometric object. 

Extract Operation Cut Area 

The Extract Operation Cut Area enables easier reuse of selected geometry for other operations. Users can now extract Cut Area selection from an operation reuse as a “Mill_Area” for subsequent operations.

NX CAM On-Machine Probing

Achieve precision and efficiency with NX CAM On-Machine Probing, which empowers users to seamlessly integrate measuring operations into their existing CAM program structure. Measure, evaluate and compensate for process variations throughout your machining process and enhance your quality and efficiency. 

Experience a streamlined and intuitive workflow with the probing operation template conveniently located under the Probing Template. Programmers can easily access the necessary tools and functions to incorporate measurement tasks into their machining operations. This accessibility ensures that users can quickly transition between programming and measuring, optimizing their productivity and reducing machine downtime.  


For more details, especially on what's new in manufacturing data and process management using Teamcenter, click here:

What's new in siemens NX CAM 


Within NX Additive Manufacturing, you can now enclose parts within Sinterboxes. Sinterboxes are cage-like lattice structures that are created around selected parts. You can create either box-shaped or freeform sinterboxes that take the shape of the parts they enclose. You can use sinterboxes to protect fragile parts from damage during 3D printing and also postprocessing. Or prevent parts from getting lost, especially when you have either a large number of parts or very small parts in the build tray. 

Adding a build tray to another build tray

Now if you are working with a build tray that contains a single part, you can add the build tray to another build tray. In this situation: The build tray with a single part is the development build tray. The build tray to which you add the development build tray is the production build tray. The development build tray is a fully prepared build tray that you can reuse in multiple production build trays. When you work with development and production build trays, you are working with part occurrences, defined here: An occurrence of a part is a pointer to geometry in the part file. NX Additive Manufacturing uses part occurrences in the production build tray. If a development build tray has support structures, NX uses support occurrences in the production build tray. You can add one development build tray multiple times to various production build trays, and you can add several different development build trays to one production build tray.

Hiding objects in the build tray

You can now easily and quickly hide or show objects in the build tray, based on their type. In the new "Hide Objects by Type"  list, you can select a check box to choose the type of objects to hide in the build tray.


Now, you can use the Additional Tilt Angle command to control the tool tilt angle for finish passes in Tube Additive Thinwall operations. By default, the tool angle for finish passes is tangent to the sliced layers of the deposition feature in Tube Additive Thinwall operations. Certain deposition technologies require greater tool tilt on finish passes so that the material can fill properly, especially on overhang areas.

Sustainability Impact Analysis

NX Sustainability Impact Analysis puts environment impact assessment at the heart of the product design processes, enabling smart decisions based on accurate, up-to-date data. You’ll be able to view and evaluate the impact of your design decisions based on a set of 30+ environmental impact assessments; this includes CAD native machine learning-driven material recommendation capabilities based on real-world date and design requirements.

NX Molded Part Designer

Molded Part Designer creates a streamlined workspace for creating an accurate and detailed injection molded part. You can incorporate a range of molded part features, including snap joints, grooves, ribs, bosses and drafts. Where Molded Part Designer excels is the ability to generate these parts a lot quicker than modelling them on on their own, whilst maintaining greater control over their dimensions. Additionally, you can validate your molded parts throughout your whole workflow to ensure the parts will be manufacturable.

NX Performance Predictor

NX Performance Predictor enables simulation driven design earlier in the design cycle. The analysis you conduct is stored in the NX PRT file, whilst it also enables support of Design Space Exploration. It is also linked with Simcenter 3D, meaning you can conduct in-depth simulation of your part for validation, ready for manufacturing.

Appearance Manager

Appearance Manager is a key tool for any design team when creating multiple design iterations. Its ease-of-use ensures design teams can reduce the time taken to create different styles for a specific model to satisfy several conditions, ready for review. With an extensive materials library and data stored alongside part files as a BOM (Bill of Materials), Appearance Manager can be used confidently to visualize the digital twin for a dataset.

A complete overview of all innovations in NX 2306 is available here:



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