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Save time and money with the right software

Choosing the right software is a crucial part of additive manufacturing (AM). After all, the right choice contributes to the success of the company. Siemens NX offers end-to-end software that saves time and money in both design process and manufacturing. NX Open Scripts further increase the savings.

Data consistency and associativity of NX

NX offers an end-to-end digital process chain in additive manufacturing - from design and simulation to manufacturing and further processing. The integration of all CAD, CAE, CAM and AM modules into one piece of software means that users only need to work in one interface along the entire digital process chain. This allows users to avoid conversion errors and enjoy a seamless workflow. Moreover, any changes that need to be made at the end of the process can be implemented quickly and efficiently without the laborious task of changing systems. Changes to components are made directly to the workpieces and other relevant elements being developed, saving time from the design stage to the CAM strategy.

NX Open scripts for workflow automation

NX Open scripts allow users to automate certain workflows (e.g. the creation of identical assembly structures with names, colours, layers, file location, WAVE links, etc.) so that the process can be completed in just one click instead of 50 clicks or more. This automation transforms the workflow into a clearly defined process that saves both time and money. Less time needs to be spent repeating the same tasks and sources of error are reduced. Print marks are directly transferred into the software from an Excel sheet. 3D drawings can be converted into 2D drawings in just one click. AM reports on quality assurance and traceability can be made available as Word documents at the click of a button. The automation speeds up the design process for similar products and families of parts.


As a Siemens NX AM Expert Partner, AMbitious powered by toolcraft provides training on Siemens NX and can support you with the implementation and use of Siemens NX software together with its modules along the entire AM process chain. We also support our customers with NX Open scripts. We would be happy to advise you on script creation.


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